Welcome to the blog for CWDI GAMES! If you’re looking for the CWDI GAMES website which showcases great custom designed software you’ll find it at

Hi everyone my name is Devan! I’m the sole software developer and graphic artist hard at work at CWDI GAMES. The first software CWDI GAMES produced is amariah. amariah is a proprietary graphic design software I use to create the graphic assets for CWDI GAMES projects. I created the CWDI GAMES logo and other artwork using amariah.

Wonderful4X Space Time is a grand strategy game in development by CWDI GAMES and will be similar to Master of Orion and Galactic Civilizations PC games. However 4X Space Time (4XST) will improve upon the genre. More will come as 4XST is developed. This is a huge undertaking and won’t be finished for several months.


4X Space Time Main Menu Screen

Currently my focus has shifted, temporarily, to Daisy. Daisy is a new graphic design app CWDI GAMES is developing and it is available to purchase right now. Daisy is currently in beta. The end goal for Daisy is it will be a graphic design app and a 3d modeler. Today I added Text to Daisy. The current public beta of Daisy does not have the latest build including the Text feature. This will be uploaded soon!